About Marzia

1) Tell us a little about your youtube channel, when you started and why?
In October 2011, after I moved to Sweden to live with my boyfriend, I started looking for a job, but since I didn’t know the language the only thing I could do was dog sitting. Doing only that, I found myself free most of the time and since I also didn’t have any friends in the new country I was living in, I simply decided to open a YT channel in which I could share my passions and keep myself busy. I got really good feedback right away, so I simply kept going, being more and more happy about it, until now, YT is my job and I couldn’t be more satisfied about it!

2) What are your favourite shops?
I mainly shop online at the moment, and my top 3 favorite websites are: Asos.com, NastyGal.com and AsianIcandy.com. I do also collaborate with many great websites such as Romwe.com, Plndr.com, Chictopia.com (and some others!); but about regular shops, I would have to say that I really love Zara.

3) Do you prefer to buy designer or high street clothing?
I definitely prefer high street clothing, but I do love my designer bags: I don’t like them because I can show off what I have, but simply because I like to have few really amazing bags that I know I will keep for a very long time and they will always be special for me. I know it sounds a little weird, but I feel like I have something that will never lose it’s value.

4) If you could only wear one piece of makeup, what would it be?
Black liquid eyeliner, 100% sure about that! My cat eye makeup is my signature look ;)

5) What is your favourite brand of makeup?
Even though I’m a girl and I’m interested in the beauty world, I just recently started to find out more about makeup: there are so many brands and products that I didn’t know about, so I would say that I probably don’t have a favorite brand at the moment. I certainly love the packaging from Benefit, I just think everything they make is so adorable, but I wouldn’t be able to pick one particular brand that I like.

6) What are your favourite kind of videos to make for your channel?
Probably fashion videos are my favorite kind of videos to make, I love to show my outfits and being able to suggest and help out people; but at the same time I’m extremely creative and I get so excited everytime I make a DIY video or something artsy and different. I also really love editing my vlogs, those are the funniest to put together because I feel like I’m re-living those moments (I usually do vlogs “travel”-related).

7) Do you read fashion and beauty blogs? If you do, do you have any favourites?
I actually don’t read any blogs, sorry! I find blogs extremely useful when it comes to reviews, but I wouldn’t say I follow any beauty blogs; I just love the video format, being able to see and kind of “interact” in a more direct way. So after saying this, some of my favorite YT channels are “Grav3yardgirl” and “Clothesencounters”.

This is Marzia’s interview conversation with magazinesandmodels.com

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