About Marzia

1) Tell us a little about your youtube channel, when you started and why?
In October 2011, after I moved to Sweden to live with my boyfriend, I started looking for a job, but since I didn’t know the language the only thing I could do was dog sitting. Doing only that, I found myself free most of the time and since I also didn’t have any friends in the new country I was living in, I simply decided to open a YT channel in which I could share my passions and keep myself busy. I got really good feedback right away, so I simply kept going, being more and more happy about it, until now, YT is my job and I couldn’t be more satisfied about it!

2) What are your favourite shops?
I mainly shop online at the moment, and my top 3 favorite websites are: Asos.com, NastyGal.com and AsianIcandy.com. I do also collaborate with many great websites such as Romwe.com, Plndr.com, Chictopia.com (and some others!); but about regular shops, I would have to say that I really love Zara.

3) Do you prefer to buy designer or high street clothing?
I definitely prefer high street clothing, but I do love my designer bags: I don’t like them because I can show off what I have, but simply because I like to have few really amazing bags that I know I will keep for a very long time and they will always be special for me. I know it sounds a little weird, but I feel like I have something that will never lose it’s value.

4) If you could only wear one piece of makeup, what would it be?
Black liquid eyeliner, 100% sure about that! My cat eye makeup is my signature look ;)

5) What is your favourite brand of makeup?
Even though I’m a girl and I’m interested in the beauty world, I just recently started to find out more about makeup: there are so many brands and products that I didn’t know about, so I would say that I probably don’t have a favorite brand at the moment. I certainly love the packaging from Benefit, I just think everything they make is so adorable, but I wouldn’t be able to pick one particular brand that I like.

6) What are your favourite kind of videos to make for your channel?
Probably fashion videos are my favorite kind of videos to make, I love to show my outfits and being able to suggest and help out people; but at the same time I’m extremely creative and I get so excited everytime I make a DIY video or something artsy and different. I also really love editing my vlogs, those are the funniest to put together because I feel like I’m re-living those moments (I usually do vlogs “travel”-related).

7) Do you read fashion and beauty blogs? If you do, do you have any favourites?
I actually don’t read any blogs, sorry! I find blogs extremely useful when it comes to reviews, but I wouldn’t say I follow any beauty blogs; I just love the video format, being able to see and kind of “interact” in a more direct way. So after saying this, some of my favorite YT channels are “Grav3yardgirl” and “Clothesencounters”.

This is Marzia’s interview conversation with magazinesandmodels.com

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Yo! Yo! Yo!
Ohayou gozaimasu~!
Masih pada semangat kan pagi ini?

Nah sekarang gua pengen membagikan sedikit inspirasi about fashion yang menurut gua sangat chic banget!
Meskipun gua gak termasuk dalam kategori orang yang fashionable atau modis sangat tapi gua juga punya nih sensei yang menjadi inspirasi gaya gua. Dia adalah MARZIA BISOGNIN!!!

Who is she?
Marzia Bisognin, atau yang biasa disapa Marzia ini salah satu orang yang akun Youtube-nya gua ikutin (ya ampun Youtube lagi, Youtube lagi…). Hehehe, maklum lah ya gua kan emang ngetemnya di Youtube ^^
Marzia yang memiliki akun Youtube bernama CutiePie ini doyan banget posting about fashion. Panggilan untuk para penggemarnya adalah Marzipans.

Nah si Marzia ini orang Italia loh, but saat ini dia tinggal di Inggris dengan pacarnya yang bukan lain adalah PewDiePie. Yah itulah salah satu alasan kenapa gua bisa tau si Marzia ini yaitu melalui channel-nya si PewDie.

Video yang diposting seputar vlogging, fashion, DIY, make-up tutorial, and many more. Channel yang masih tergolong baru, dibentuk tanggal 16 Januari 2012, ini sudah memiliki 1.000.000 subscriber loh!

Nah buat kalian yang penasaran dengan style si Marzia ini bisa langsung mengunjungi akun Youtube-nya CutiPie atau kunjungi tumblr-nya di marziabisogninstyle.tumblr.com